19 February 2010

Very Berry Cowl

More knitting! I'm knitting crazy these days. Actually, I'm project crazy these days! So many ideas and inspirations floating around. I spent over 2 hours in the library the other day digging through books on all sorts of topics: cooking, knitting, printmaking, sewing, raw food diets, homemade cosmetics. I left with a stack of books up to my chin. I must have been quite a sight trying to unlock my car door while balancing my own personal library.
This little beauty, however, was born from the world-wide-web and not a library expedition. The pattern was created by Juilanne Smith, but I have adjusted it for my own purposes. The double-knit purple yarn created a nice, bulky stitch so I only had to do one cable every 10 rows, alternating sides which gives it it's lovely twisty nature. It is knit around sideways with a provisional cast-on and finished with a kitchener stitch. It was my first crack at the provisional cast-on method (thank you,!) and I used the cable of a circular needle to hold the stitches which made them really easy to pick up when it came time for the kitchener. Love it!

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