19 May 2009

The Pony Express

I'm not sure I can share in this pony's excitement in crossing the Colorado plains...

17 May 2009

Everybody Loves Maps

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If you're ever in Rawlins, WY...

Like if you ever get caught there trying to go somewhere else, check out the Microtel off exit 214. They took pity on a poor, broke traveler and gave me a sweet deal. The owner Ken is a decent man and he made sure my bicycle was safe. And I love their "Indian Spice" color theme! And now onto Denver!

Idaho, Utah and Wyoming or Sun, Red Rocks and a Pink Nose

There is a certain beauty in wide open spaces, in dryness and soft hills. I can't say that I will be wanting to moving to southern Idaho any time soon. It's pretty bleak after you leave Boise. But Utah and Wyoming were another world: rock and sky... and trailers. I stopped in at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge just near Brigham City, UT and nearly cried with joy at all the different bird calls: yellow-headed blackbirds and grackles cackling from the cattails, grasshopper sparrows living up to their name among the reeds, and swallows zooming over my head and across my path. I was so glad to be near wetlands. I am enjoying the sun; my freckle collection is increasing.