15 January 2008

Christmas Felting

This was the season of felting for me. For the Lier sibling gift exchanged, I made my brother a killer pair of knit-n-felt slippers. The pattern came from a great book called Knit One, Felt Too. Clever title, good projects. Like the bad blogger that I am, I forgot to take a picture of the final product. But you can see below what they looked like pre-felting.

My twin was very incredulous about the size of these puppies, but after three runs through the washing machine, they fit like a glove... or a really good pair of slippers.

I also got back into the needle felting groove. I think it is the perfect travel project. And they let me take the sharp needles on the plane! My two projects: a blue llama and an orange octopus. This time I took some before and after shots.