14 July 2010

The Colonel can keep his chicken

Remember chicken nuggets?

Remember how crispy and tender they tasted before you found out they were made of the amalgamation of various smashed up parts from various smashed up chickens? If only I could capture that youthful ignorance for just one moment...

Ha! Forget that! I'm moving on, Colonel Sanders! This week, in an attempt to use the bushel of collard greens my roommate harvested from our community garden plot, I stumbled upon the recipe for my fried chicken rebirth. Thank you, Stephanie, over at Wasabimon blog! Her recipe was perfectly adapted from Laurie Colwin's recipe in Gourmet. The only changes I made were to use almond milk, a 4-part flour mix of chickpea, brown rice, sorghum, and corn starch, and no sesame oil. I do not love the taste of chickpea flour so I mixed it up. Next time I would experiment with more spices, and maybe try the sesame oil. I ended up using her collard green recipe too (sans carrots and with homemade chicken broth instead of veggie). And instead of the typical KFC mash potato side, I cooked up some whole grain quinoa with pesto. So tastey! I have been dreaming of this meal ever since.

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