23 January 2010

Altoid Box Remade

This little project came about when I was trying to think of a gift for a friend to take on the road. I imagined it as a light travel box that could be set up on bedside tables or peeked into during long van rides. Fox and chicken make an unlikely traveling duo, but they have set up a lovely camp together and fox plays a mean banjo. Chicken clucks along.

It is mostly made from paper, colored pencils, and glue, but the ground is felted wool and the night sky is watercolors and salt. The moon and clouds protrude from the background with the help of little paper cubes made from vellum. And the hobo bag is tied on with string.


Caren said...

Hi Maryka! I haven't been following your blog since your move back to the east coast, but I'm delighted to see that it's still up and running! And this little treasure... WOW! I'm in love... Did you see Fantastic Mr. Fox? It reminds me of that... I hope you're well. Anytime you need a snowy getaway, I'm only less than two hours north. You are always welcome here.

ebenjaminsmith said...

hey this is really cool - way cooler than wes anderson's crap. can i say crap on your blog? more importantly, can i insult wes anderson?
seriously, i really like it - the fonts on the cover are great. also, the hobo bag is called a bindle i think.
make more!

Mary Lundquist said...

yes, make more! These are amazing.

jessica louise said...

this thing is super duper cool. (just like the girl who made it.) i'm so glad to see more peeks into your life! keep posting.

and thank you for the awesome tote! (and thanks to mary, too.) i have one to send you soon. we miss you!!!!

love, jess