19 November 2007

It's knitting season

The wind is whipping the trees bare and the cold dampness is seeping into my bones. Washington winter is upon us. Of course it is sad to see the sun fade away behind a thick blanket of gray, however, this means it is time to bring out the buckets of wool and get all your needles in a row. It's knitting season! My first project: arm warmers. It was my first run with size 2 needles and that multicolored yarn that knits up in stripes. Socks are next!


ebenjaminsmith said...

arm warmers? do you mean 'sleeves?' So these are disembodies sleeves that one pulls on when their arms are freezing but their torso isn't? Or were you joking?
Either way, they look really nice.
Awesome costume btw, really hot.

maryka said...

well, they're more wrist warmers and when finished they went up to the knuckles and had a thumb hole. They warm the hands and wrists while allowing for dexterity of the digits! Get with the times, man!