12 October 2007

Vancouver Crafting

My sister and I took advantage of the rainy Vancouver skies last weekend and paid a visit to the famous Dressew. This amazing sewing store is two floors chock full of every bell and whistle one would ever need to create the ultimate sewing project. Walls of fabric. Aisles of zippers. Piles of buttons. And all at wicked cheap prices. Even for Canada! You can check out the cool project I made for Kevin's birthday this spring. All the supplies came from Dressew. Every little grommet.

On this particular mission, I was focused on pouches. For those of you who keep up with my sister's blog, you may remember the cute bear pouch she made last month. On that rainy Saturday, we were going to have a pouch-making lesson. With supplies in hand, we made our way back to the apartment and spent the day cutting and sewing and eating samosas. The guys read and baked cookies and played with the bunny.

Here's the final product. I added a little flurish of my own: hand-carved bird stencil. The bird is complemented by the bright red lining. It still needs a strap or something for the zipper, but I think it's quite sharp looking.


Jessica said...

It loooks wonderful! The bird is perfect. Look how well it goes with the lining!

David Shannon-Lier said...

You two lier ladies are so creative, I look forward to future times that I can learn cool sewing and craft projects from you two. It use to be something I loved to do and now I have no time for it. Yay to future evenings of redheaded girl time :-)